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Disability claims are designed to allow a person to receive money if they can no longer work temporarily or permanently. Some people have endured unfortunate events which led to them becoming partially or completely disabled, physically or cognitively. These circumstances may preclude them from working to their capacity, or at all, for life.

Claiming disability is both a right and a privilege. The disability system is in place to help those who truly need it. Unfortunately, many people try to cheat the system, by claiming false injuries or exaggerating real injures that are not disabling or have long since healed. These are the claimants who stand the greatest chance of being investigated for disability fraud.

Disability Investigation Facts

Claiming disability, without merit, is a criminal offense and can land a person in jail. Insurance fraud and workers compensation fraud are huge problems in society and lead to increased premiums for every type of insurance product coverage. The average family pays between $500 and $1500 a year in insurance premiums just to combat 

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