Cheating Spouse


Fearing that you may have a cheating spouse can be quite a grueling and emotionally draining experience. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when a cheating husband or cheating wife is expected, often accusations fly and more problems are caused as a result. 

How to catch a cheater?  There are a number of telltale signs that you can look out for if you suspect your husband or wife may be cheating on you. See also infidelity.

The following are simple signs to look out for:

NEW FRIEND OF THE OPPOSITE SEX– if your spouse suddenly has a new friend of the opposite sex and is spending more time with him or her, then your suspicions may be awakened. If you hear the words “we are just friends” on too many occasions, then perhaps it is time to check things out.

SUDDEN PRIVACY – if you and your partner are used to being open and sharing things, and suddenly cell phone bills are hidden, computers are password protected and so on - the chances are that something is up.

YOUR PARTNER NEEDS SPACE– if your partner suddenly needs time to figure out his or her feelings, then it’s probably time to start asking questions about what is making things change.

SECRET PHONE CALLS – An unfortunate amount of affairs are that of an emotional nature and they usually start on the phone. If your partner is spending more time making phone calls and texting secretly, and also erasing any history of it, then perhaps you should be a bit suspicious and do some investigating.

INTUITION– trust your gut instincts. If you have a sinking feeling that something is going on and your partner’s behavior just isn’t adding up, then there is a very strong possibility that he or she might be cheating. The nature of cheating is very deceptive and loving your partner will be your first asset in sensing when something is wrong. Ask questions, do some investigation, but prepare for lies. Many people try to solve their adultery problems with a cheating spouse or unfaithful partner on their own, but if you have no real evidence of your partner cheating, it can be a lengthy process that leaves you emotionally drained. Consider hiring a private investigator to make the process quicker and simpler before you confront your cheating partner with the truth. If you would like to know how to catch a cheater contact us!

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